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May 15, 2009
I'm gonna cheat with this one a bit since I'm running a tiny bit late this week.

Dale Carter came to Tennessee to be a playmaker, and he did just that. In two seasons with the Vols, Carter earned All-America status each year and garnered national recognition as a sticky defensive back and an explosive kick return man. It was his kick-return capabilities that sealed his All-America status in 1990. He led the nation with 507 yards on 17 returns for an average of 29.82 yards per return. Carter also returned 29 punts for 381 yards, a 13.1-yard average. His senior year, he was one of three final candidates for the Thorpe Award given to the nation's top defensive back.

My fellow aficionados of the Big Orange: talk to us about Dale Carter.
Let's not forget that Carl Pickens declared for the NFL draft after the 1991 season as well. Carter got drafted in the 1st round and played for Kansas City. Pickens was picked in the 2nd round by Cincinnati. BOTH were named NFL Rookie of the Year for the 1992 season. Carter on defense and Pickens on offense. Also selected in the 1st round of that '92 draft was Chris Mims. The amount of talent on those late '80s and 1990s teams was unbelievable.

Carter's son, Nigel Warrior, also played for the Vols from 2016-19.

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