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Believe the Heup
Feb 1, 2011
Brackets So Far. Only 1 SuperRegion is completely set.

NC State (3-0)
#1 Arkansas (2-1) or Nebraska (3-1)

#9 Stanford (2-1) or UC Irvine (3-1)
#8 Texas Tech (3-0) . . . will host

#12 Mississippi (2-1) or Southern Miss (3-1)
#5 Arizona (3-0) . . . will host

#13 East Carolina (3-0)
#4 Vanderbilt (3-0) . . . . Will host


South Alabama (3-1) or South Florida (2-1)
#2 Texas (3-0) . . . Will host

#10 Notre Dame (3-0)
#7 Mississippi State (2-0) or Campbell (2-1) 2 possible games Monday

Dallas Baptist (2-1) or Oregon State (3-1)
#11 Old Dominion (2-1) or Virginia (3-1)

#14 Oregon (2-1) or LSU (3-1)
#3 Tennessee (3-0) . . . will host

Normally 4 of the Super Regional series will start on Friday and the other 4 will start on Saturday. I'm guessing ESPN gets a say in who plays when.

I just think Tennessee will be a Saturday start. Which is good news. An extra day to get ready and bring in more seats????

It is interesting that only Vanderbilt and ECU know who they're playing next week.

I do wish that UT would announce how and ESPECIALLY WHEN tickets will go on sale. It was odd last week they announced last week they would sell tickets After the teams are announced and actually started selling a few minutes early when the announcement show actually started. Tickets were almost sold out even before Tennessee's bracket was announced last. Maybe all this is NCAA rules but at least announce now so I can concentrate on work tomorrow and Tuesday!

Nine SEC teams made the tourney.
Three (Florida, SC, and Alabama) have been eliminated.
Two of these were host teams But only Florida was the highest seeded team
LSU, Mississippi and Arkansas play winner-take-all games on Monday. LSU is only one on road
Due to weather, Mississippi State only needs to win 1 of next 2
Tennessee and Vanderbilt have clinched.
The only possible All-SEC Super would be LSU @ Tennessee

It is not clear where DBU/Ore. State vs. ODU/UVA will be played next week
Per previously released rules; only the 20 nominated sites can host

Those 20 schools were:
The bold teams did not host a regional as Pittsburgh not even qualifying for tourney.
The strikethrough teams have been eliminated from tourney
The red teams will definitely host next weekend

South Carolina
East Carolina
Southern Mississippi
Louisiana Tech

Mississippi State
Notre Dame
Ole Miss

It will be most interesting how the NCAA decides this.
Fort Worth seems like a good choice. TCU was the national seed that was on track to host anyway and DBU would be the de facto host team. Meaning a greater gate.
Perhaps the NCAA could double up a tournament site and play double headers every day. A good option would be to play at one of the fields that has artificial turf to assure a lower chance of rain outs.
Coincidentally, the winner of that Super Region would play the winner of UT's Super Region in first game of CWS.
So, I ask this: why not let UT host that series as well? It actually makes a lot of sense. Knoxville would be roughly halfway between DBU and the Virginia schools. (not so for Ore. State)
In the unlikely event that Nebraska beats Arkansas again; the same situation will apply as neither NC State or Nebraska could host.
Bring the Fort Worth and Columbia winners to Knoxville next weekend and let’s have ourselves a real super regional!

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