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Sep 12, 2006
is there anyway that we dont have to lump every recruit statement into the 2007 topic.

ie: we picked up a 2008 recruit and it was moved to 2007 recruiting topic.

Lumping everything under one topic seems to be somewhat inefficient for readers that don't follow the topics every day, rather get on once a week or so to find some relevant news and information.

just a thought:whistling: .
I know what you mean. We were leaving them on the main board and they were getting lost very quickly. I hoped that by combining them in one thread, people that liked to follow recruiting regularly would know where to find it. It may be time to consider a recruiting forum.

Thanks for your feedback.
I will need to see a list of all Tennessee Vol recruits complete with stats, addresses and phone numbers.
yeah, i like this better too. now i can just come here for info instead of fishing around in the main forum.

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