Strength/Conditioning Coach?



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Feb 4, 2019
I have been one of those that have read Volnation forums for years, but have never opened an account to post myself. This did it for me. I don’t mean to bring anyone down or take the topic off on a tangent, I always try to be an optimist person myself. I was sitting in a room this morning, at the hospital, receiving my first treatment of chemo. I started reading this to my wife and we could hardly make it through without both of us rolling in tears. I had to stop after every sentence to hold my gut and catch my breath. Thank you for that, Randy. When I get past this I would love to have a beer with you. You keep being you, brother.


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Aug 11, 2010
I'm interested in knowing a little bit more about S&C coach Craig Fitzgerald. My wife and I finished our study of blocking schemes this weekend. We studied the Vols combo blocking schemes. It was really hard to imitate with only the 2 of us, but we double teamed our St. Bernard, Bielema, just to see if we were able to get leverage and force him off the line. He wasn't very cooperative, but we do feel like the Vols combo blocking techniques were solid based on our limited knowledge of offensive line play. After our discussion on offensive line play, alot of you felt like recruiting and strength/conditioning are the issues that need to be addressed. I would like to know what Coach's training philosophies and regimens are. Any of you have any insight?
I don't know if Coach Fitzgerald would be interested, but here is what has worked for me for years. I do it each morning, and I am fit as a fiddle. Players would definitely get strong, lean, mean, and speedy.

First off, I begin by doing each one of these exercises for 1 lap around my block.
- Backwards Walk
- Squat Walk
- Bear Crawls

I then do 3 sets of 10 of the following in my driveway:
- Squat Thrusts
- Burpees
- Spider Man Pushups
- 3 x 1 minute sets of Mountain Climbers with ankle weights
- Crunches

I don't know how to attach pictures yet or I would show you before pictures from 9 years ago. My body transformation has been amazing.
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