Statement from Danny White

While the NCAA is "professionalizing" college sports, perhaps they could focus their efforts on training referees so that they are actually capable.
If you understood how sports officials are "selected", you wouldn't have said that.
Outlaw NIL from recruiting and you solve this problem. NIL was not conceived to be used a recruiting tool--but owing to vague
language and rules the major programs have corrupted it and turned it effectively into a bribery contest for prospects. In doing so
they've turned top high-school prospects into money-grubbing mercenaries. I'm pretty sure that's not what college is supposed to be about--
even if the fans--most have whom have not been to college--are fixated on winning games as opposed to the totality of the college experience.

Certainly, all D1 programs below the major-college level should support a ban on NIL for recruiting purposes as it now simply benefits major programs with the most rich booster crazies. It's time to TRY and restore a scintilla of integrity to college football before it goes completely down the ethical toilet. It's about three-quarters of the way down the hole now.
I like how you put this on the players instead of the pukes who have made bank off them for decades.
Personally, I believe there are problems that need to be addressed with NIL and that it is definitely ruining the spirit of college sports and that does need to be addressed - but the gist of his message is that the bylaws being used if applied would result with almost every, if not all, D1 schools being guilty of infractions. And that is true - why pick on Tennessee? What not all the D1 schools?

The NCAA has waited too long to react and establish guidelines on this. There will eventually be suits that speak to the inequality of NIL opportunities across all athletes. Colleges will drop some sports and the opportunities for athletes that are not male football or basketball players will dwindle.
University seems to be of the stance that they have a case for defamation (or libel) but I think there is more to the story here. Seems to me it's more about certain states wanting to get an advantage in how they can recruit a prospect, ie they want to be able to say "hey, we'll give you 500k to come play at X school for one year". I'm not privy to what they are doing to side-skirt the issue now... but I imagine it's X signings each year, X number of appearances, X charity dinners, X media appearances, X ad appearances, X fan events for your signature... or in some cases, maybe they say we are investing in you because we believe you will be incredibly successful as a football player, regardless of the school you choose to attend. Or you have X amount of followers on Insta, Twitter, TikTok etc, we want to take advantage of your digital market and offer you 500k. It's all BS. Everyone knows it. NCAA is pissed that we flexed when the NIL rules are unclear but at this point it feels this is pressure from elsewhere. Maybe some neighboring states don't have the same NIL laws in place and feel they are at a disatvantage. Does anyone know what states those would be? The NCAA suggested as much in it's "non-statement" statement that was released.

Go Vols and F the NCAA! Pour on the gas!!!
Worry not. He's no better that Emmert and he's got a plan: Washington DC can fix it! 🥺

That hearing was in front of the committee that a certain lady, who already tweeted out support for UT, named Marsh Blackburn sits on.
Other members on the committee are from SEC and power 5 school states as well.🤣
Recruits are going to see UT going to war with the NCAA in support of NIL and student athletes best interest. If they're smart they'll be flocking to UT athletics. This most likely ends up having the opposite effect that the NCAA is looking for.
True, but other schools like UGA will use this as a HUGE negative recruiting pitch for a while.
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The school cannot be involved. This is marketing opportunities for players to trade on their name and image. Anything else is coincidental or just a geographic factor to best use their popularity, but only on an individual basis unrelated to their choice of schools in which to matriculate.
Correct. And that’s not what happened here. Spyre and Tom Mars crafted the contract in such a way that it did not obligate Nico to attend UT. He admitted they were taking a risk in doing so.
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True, but other schools like UGA will use this as a HUGE negative recruiting pitch for a while.
I'm sure they will, but the simple counter is UGA must not have your best interest in mind. Here at UT we want you to make as much NIL money as you can possibly make and our state just so happens to have the collective setup to do just that. The NCAA is fighting a losing battle.
man I never thought it would be like this... we are fighting the NCAA and I'm here for it. Love every minute of it. Other colleges should back us too... because it could be them next.
That is my point. If other schools do not join us in this fight we need to expose the standard operating procedures in those athletic departments. Those practices should be used in evidence in our lawsuit. We all know Alabama was giving players tailored suits and chargers and their players were bragging about it and the NCAA, SEC, and the SEC Commissioner all turned their backs and let it happen.
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