Spring Junior Days: Visitors List



Nov 29, 2021
March 4th
RB Peyton Lewis
LB Bodie Kahoun
DL Marcus Downs
LB D’Angelo Barber
OT Justin Tauanuu
Edge Ari Watford (2025)
CB Jontae Gilbert (2025 - OSU commitment)
Edge Kelan Butler (2025)
DL Amare Adams (2025)
DL London Merritt (2025)
ATH Naeem Offord (2025)
ATH Jamarion Morrow (2025)
DL Jhrevious Hall (2025)
DL Malik Autry (2025)
ATH J’Alan Terry (2025)
RB Donovan Johnson (2025)
WR Joakim Dodson (2025)
TE London Merritt (2025)
LB AJ Rice (2025)
CB Onis Kananbanny (2025)
Edge Grayshaun Swain (2025)
RB Ja’Michael Jones (2026)
ATH Shavar Young (2026)

March 9th-11th
TE Dillon Hipp
DB Cai Bates

March 20-21
DL Amaree WIlliams
QB Cutter Boley (2025)

March 23rd
CB Cameron Keys
QB Deuce Knight (2025)
CB Kohl Bradley (2025)

March 25th
CB Kaleb Beasley (Vol commit)
DL Caron Gentle (Vol commit)
WR Braylon Staley
LB Cayden Jones
LB Jordan Burns
LB Joseph Phillips
DL Herb Gray
S Jarvis Boatwright
CB Jaden Allen
TE Max Leblanc
QB Jake Merklinger
OL Jesse Perry
WR Amari Jefferson
CB Aaron Scott
LB Tylen Singleton
LB James Nesta
IOL Jimothy Lewis
OL WIlliam Satterwhite
OT Mike Williams
IOL Ronan O'Connell
RB Chauncey Bowen
S Dashawn McBryde
LB Chris Cole
LB Parker Meese (2025)
OL Mason Short (2025)
OL/DL Bobby Kanka (2025)
QB Deuce Knight (2025, March 23rd)
Edge Justin Hill (2025)
DB Jaylen Morgan (2025)
DB Darius Gray (2025)
DB Dylan Lewis (2025)
OL Spencer Dowland (2025)
DB Tyler Redmond (2025)

March 28th
CB Jay Harper
WR Rico Scott
CB Earl Kulp
DB Jaylen Morgan (2025)

March 31-April 5
RB Braylen Russell
WR Kwazi Gilmer
ATH Landon Bell
ATH Derrick McFall
S Jason Mitchell
IOL Waltclaire Flynn Jr.
IOL Eddy Pierre-Louis
DL Jesus Venegas
Edge Jaylen Harvey
Edge Kellen Lindstrom
LB Brian Robinson
CB Tayshaun Burney
CB Marco Coleman
LB Elias Rudolph
ATH Damarion Witten
WR Koby Young
DL Jeremias Heard
IOL Jameson Riggs
OT Gage Ginther

OT Marquis Easley
OT Daniel Calhoun
CB Ify Obidegwu
S Edrees Farooq
TE Caleb Odom
OT Hayden Treter
TE Jaden Reddell
S Ricardo Jones
Edge Jamonta Waller
LB Payton Pierce
OT Mark Schroller
WR Braylon Staley
WR Terrell Anderson
S Travaris Banks
DL WIlliams Nwaneri
DB Chase Tyler (April 3rd)
WR Mike Matthews (April 3)
OT Fletcher Westphal (April 3rd)
S KJ Bolden (April 3rd)
ATH Kameron Mikell (April 3rd)
OT Kevin Heywood (April 5)
S Fred Gaskin (April 3)
WR James Madison II (April 5)

CB Shamar Arnoux
WR Isaiah Mozee
WR Quanell Farrakhan Jr.
WR Phillip Bell
LB Jadon Perlotte
S DJ Pickett
DL Andre Fuller Jr.
S Sael Reyes
S LaRue Zamorano
S Matai Tagoa'i
S Anquon Fegans
S Cordell Jefferson
CB Jermichael Gillis
Edge Jared Smith
DL Trent Wilson

CB Kevyn Humes
DL Darrion Smith
Edge Kelan Butler
OL Bear McWhorter (2026 - April 3rd)

April 8-9*
LB Sammy Brown
TE Cole Heinrich
LB Bodie Kahoun (April 11)
RB Nathaniel Frazier (April 10-11)
QB Deuce Knight (2025)

*7-on-7 tournament being held in Knoxville that weekend

April 15th (O&W Game)
DL Amaris Williams
LB Edwin Spillman (OV June 16th, week after OSU OV)
DL Herb Gray
Edge Jordan Ross (OV June 22)
OL Ethan Calloway
OL Eagan Boyer
RB Kevin Riley
LB Khmori House
LB Jordan Lockhart
S Marcelles Williams
Edge Willis McGahee IV
CB Omillio Agard
Edge Dominic Nichols (4/14)
RB Donovan Johnson (2025; also visited March 4th)
ATH Naeem Offord (2025; also visited March 4th)

Memorial Day Weekend/Rocky Topapalooza
DB Travaris Banks
Edge Dylan Stewart
ATH Kam Mikell (tentative)
ATH Chase Tyler (tentative)
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Jamonta Waller’s visits begin at Alabama on March 4. The Crimson Tide are one of the latest programs to extend a scholarship. Other March visits include Florida State on the 10th, Florida on the 11th and Texas A&M on the 25th. The Aggies have also recently put a full-ride on the table.

LSU gets the month of April rolling with a visit to Baton Rouge on the 1st. It will be a busy 30 days with Waller stopping at Tennessee on the 3rd (his latest offer), Ole Miss on the 6th, Auburn on the 7th, Georgia on the 8th (also a recent opportunity), Ohio State on the 15th and Oregon on the 29th.
Added LB LB Payton Pierce on April 1

The spring visit schedule for Pierce is as follows: Florida State March 11, Michigan March 18, Ohio State March 25, Tennessee April 1, Notre Dame April 15 and Wisconsin April 22.

That's a bigtime battle we're trying to wedge our way into...

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