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One of the problems with death or even torturous death as the punishment is that it's so harsh that offenders will be protected even more than they already are. Unintended consequences can lead to less justice.

Forget about a conviction, allegations can ruin lives and careers. That prospect is harsh enough that we end up with many scandals involving churches/organizations protecting clergy/members.
I have taken a new position at the local Child Advocacy Center, and my tolerance for child sexual abuse is at an all time low.

It's hard for me to not wish terrible punishment on people who hurt the most innocent.

How could tolerance ever be anything than at a low for such a thing? 🤔
I'm not saying this like I'm big and tough and could just physically handle anyone, but I'm certain I could kill someone for doing that crap to a kid. Like not beat them up, just set on fire and watch them burn. My sister in law found her a man on the Internet several years ago. The day after she flew him here, the police showed up and arrested him. He's a convicted (literally confessed) sex offender, raped a kid. He eventually got out, and we quit letting her get our kids. They got all mad, and we were all at the inlaws. I told him in front of everyone, if he ever touched mine that I'd kill him. It's been 6-7 years, and the occasional times we've been around each other, he goes out if I come in. I don't mean to sound like a bad person, but I have zero tolerance for that stuff.
Bullets don't really cost THAT much my man, and size doesn't matter.
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