Some of Buzzs Quotes

Mar 1, 2004
I was reading the sports page from the Maryville paper and when I read this article, I was just sitting there with my jaw on the ground. Is this really Buzz talking or is it Mike Hamilton?

Q: What do you hope your team learns by watching extra games at the SEC Tournament after being eliminated?
BP: "I had the team stay around to see basketball at its highest level during tournament play because I just didn't think we stepped it up another notch that we needed to be able to compete. That was why I brought them back. I just want them to get a sense of how you've got to pick it up another notch."

Q: What do you consider changing in the players you recruit and as a coach after not having any players step into a leadership role this season?

BP: "I guess I'm going to have to be more hands on, and what I mean by that is that, anything we do as a group, whether it's community service or lifting weights or whatever, I've got be there.

Q: Do you think the little things like workout times can help toughen up your team?

BP: "I think so. I'm going to try that. Nobody, when things go bad, nobody is going to step up and get on another guy's case. They're all pretty quiet, and they aren't going to say much. They're pretty low-key. I think that hurts us when we get down.

Q: Is there anything you think you can do with your players to make them more vocal?

BP: "I don't know what I can do to make them more vocal. I just think that's where I've got to be more hands-on. There at the weight-lifting, and there for everything they do. Make sure that they're there doing it. I'll be the vocal leader.


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