Soccer Fans - Picking an EPL Team


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Oct 1, 2008
Yeah, I think I'm going to go with Arsenal.
Speaking of the fantasy premier league, more of you guys should check out that thread and join the league.


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Aug 10, 2006
The World Cup ended today and it’s a time where a lot of people decide to start watching Club Soccer.

Posted this in another thread for @Volprofch05 and @cobbwebb0710 .
A great way to pick a club to support is checking out different supporter groups in the area. They are fun for the family.

Some unscientific research of what is available in Knoxville. @Panthro probably has more accurate information.
(Some info may be dated so make sure to verify if the location is still current)

Knoxville fan clubs for professional soccer, football teams

After calling Merchants of Beer home for several years, Manchester United Knoxville is now centered at Knox Brew Hub, which is open for each Red Devils match. Previously at Bearden Beer Market, supporters of the blue half of Manchester gather for matches at Xül Beer Co., and fans of United’s main rival, Liverpool, once again meet up at Alliance Brewing Co. after having been at Finn’s for the last few seasons.
A few of London’s EPL teams are well-represented in Knoxville, too. Having relocated from Hi-Wire, Rocky Top Blues host Chelsea matches at Central Flats and Taps, while West Ham and Arsenal hold strong at Corner Lounge and Hops and Hollers, respectively. The aforementioned Alliance welcomes all fans of England’s elite soccer league, but Tottenham and Leicester are among its biggest draws.

EPL Supporters Clubs in Knoxville • #5

Curious about where you can find your kin? Here's a list of some of the official and unofficial groups and where they meet:
Manchester City — Bearden Beer Market
Liverpool — Finn's Tavern and Restaurant
Manchester United — Knox Brew Hub
West Ham United — The Corner Lounge
Chelsea — Central Flats & Taps
Arsenal — Hops and Hollers
Tottenham Hotspur / Everton — Alliance Brewing Co.

Directory of Premier League Supporters Groups in United States

Arsenal just got a new location after Hops and Hollers closed.

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Jul 18, 2007
Hull City for Alabama is confusing, probably were looking for a discount trash removal company and couldn’t spell haul.

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It’s got to be some correlation of Auburn fans searching for something relating to Tigers and Hull coming up in the search results. Still strange though. You’d think Birmingham City would be the more likely accidental result coming out of Alabama.

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