SEC locations

Fayetteville is criminally underrated. In the middle of the Ozarks with very thing you could want due to all the money in NWA.

Agree with this. NW Arkansas is underrated.

Difficult for me to rate all the cities, since I haven't been to all, and even some of the ones I have been to, I haven't spend that much time in (e.g. Oxford, Starkville, Auburn). But if I had to rate, I'd probably go:

1. Austin
2. Nashville
3. Knoxville
4. Fayetteville
5. Athens
6. Lexington ? (honestly never been)
7. Gainesville - not the best, but at least it's in driving distance of the beaches and Jacksonville
8, College Station
9. Baton Rouge

... and I honestly would hate to live in any of the others.
I wouldn't want to live in Nashville even if I had unlimited money. It's even more of a trafficky hellscape than Atlanta, which is really saying something. At least Atlanta has MARTA, so you can park OTP and ride into downtown.

Of the SEC towns I've visited, Lexington is the winner for me. Although Athens also seemed quite nice.
Fayetteville is nice if you like the outdoors. Gainesville, Baton Rouge, and Columbia is pretty humid.
just for fun how I would rate the SEC locations by great place to live:

1. Nashville
2. Lexington
2A. Knoxville- Lex great place to live if you are connected to BlueGrass Society, for us regular people Knoxville would be rated higher
3. Austin- never been just going on what I have heard
4. Athens- not that great by itself but close proximity to Atlanta
5. Columbia SC- somewhat prejudiced as I had many good customers there, would be higher if 10 degrees cooler
6. Norman
7. Baton Rouge
8. Auburn- kind of quaint
9. Gainesville, if you are in Florida and not within 100 yards of the beach its basically South Georgia
10. CoMo- town wasn't bad but talk about the middle of nowhere
11. College Station- never been, just word of mouth
12. Oxford- quaint like Auburn
13. Fayetteville- never been
14. Tuscaloosa- shithole
15. Starkville, great people
I’m from Nashville and live there currently. If this was Nashville of the late 90s til like 2010 I’d agree but nowadays? Filled with nothing but people from California, small studio apartments for 1800$ a month, 2 bedroom homes selling for 400 grand. It’s a shell of what it used to be
This list would be different for me depending on if we are talking about rating these SEC locations based on visiting, such as for a game, or actually living there. For example, in terms of places to visit, I’d probably have Austin as first. But as it is now likely the SEC city with the highest cost of living, it would be lower on my list in terms of places to live. If we are talking about actually living there, I’d have Knoxville first but I’m definitely biased as I was born there and lived there up until graduating from UT. I have lived in Atlanta for nearly 20 years now and find myself getting a little homesick for Knoxville from time to time (especially recently, although I’m not completely sure why). If I try to remove my bias, I think I may have to go with Nashville, although the cost of living there has gone up quite a bit over the past decade. I still think Knoxville is a good choice for first even if I try to remove my bias, although that is admittedly hard to do. I haven’t been to a few of the SEC cities, but of all the ones I’ve visited, I’d say I liked Baton Rouge and Columbia, SC the least. The actual campus and stadium at LSU were great but the city itself not so much. I think Baton Rouge has the highest crime rate of all the SEC cities as well (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). But Columbia, SC just felt like a depressing city for some reason. I can’t really pinpoint why, as when you talk about depressing cities, you’re typically thinking of somewhere cold and often in the Rust Belt (Gary, IN for example). Part of it was probably the heat. The combination of the heat and humidity there was just brutal every time I’ve been (twice in summer and once in Fall for a game against UT).
I can't believe I've lived here in BR for 40 yrs! But I still miss the hills all the time and would move back to Knoxville in a heartbeat, or even Nashville, maybe. Baton Rouge has good food and music. I hate the weather and it is getting worse. LSU fans ... I don't hate 'em, they just roll along in their own world of jolly cocky denial. Ignorance is bliss, I guess
Spent a day in Baton Rouge two years ago during our 7 month camping trip. Liked it ,better food than we had in New Orleans on Beale street.
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Austin is a crap hole. Homeless people everywhere - horrible traffic, etc. texas’ stadium is a dump.
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