'20 SC ATH Antonio Barber

Apr 5, 2009
it's not bad. looks like he's got a little top end speed. saw him run some good routes, and he knows how to set up blocks. and he got around the corner on more than one occasion, and he regularly ran away from defenders, and in some cases, thru them.
Idkwtf happened, but the HUDL in that tweet isn't what I saw when I made my comment. Idk if they fixed a link or I clicked the wrong thing, but the HUDL I saw I turned off half way through because it was mostly bubble screens for 7 yard gains and fake reverses turned QB passes into the backfield and the receiver would head out of bounds before the defender initiated contact. They were wearing white jerseys with red helmets IIRC.

I just went to that HUDL film and yeah, it looks decent. Edited my post.
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