Say It Ain't So, Johnny!



It takes wisdom to understand wisdom.
May 12, 2010
Whatta d!ck move!

Between the white lines-there are no friends, even grandmothers.

You play until the bell rings or you get your bell rung my friend.

Granny gone think twice before she lolligags around again. Personally, if I was coaching, I would a made her run laps and THEN cut her.
It was all a set up...all in good fun.
Thank goodness, but in todays world where there are millions of cameras and people to take it out of context its a bad look. When they gets posted to X or snapchat or facebook all they are gonna see is mean guys bullying an old lady. In a world of 30 second max attention spans its that 10 second snippet that is gonna be the story. then someone will add colors to the participants and it gets worse.
Obviously some of you are unaware that there are other "mercy rules" in baseball.

Besides, the ump was gonna call her out anyway for receiving assistance on the base path. Saved her great grandchildren a lifetime of needless family shame.

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