Saturday Scrimmage Notes



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Nov 30, 2010
Tennessee continues to wait on the waiver appeal of Cade Mays. He did end up standing out last night during the scrimmage. The Vols are really hoping his appeal is granted since he brings so much to the offensive line. Mays had been out, but put together a nice few days of work.
Dee Beckwith, who has moved around from the TE and WR room this Fall, saw action during the week and last night’s scrimmage. However, he did put one on the ground. But, overall, I was told he did run the ball really well.
Cedric Tillman, Brandon Johnson, and Malachi Wideman all had good days.
Trevon flowers had an acrobatic and athletic interception last night.
The offensive line had a good night as a whole, even though they were still missing a few guys, including Morris.
JT Shrout and Harrison Bailey were splitting time with the 2’s as Jarrett Guarantano continues with the 1’s.
Here are a few players that stood out last night. Dee Beckwith, Grant Frerking, Bryce Thompson, Tyler Baron, Jay Blakely, Cedric Tillman, and Omari Thomas. Another guy who is picking up the pace is Bryson Eason.
t. wallace

Cade Mays has been back this week and worked at left tackle tonight as he awaits word on his appeal to play in 2020. He was side by side with Trey Smith who is looking like the Trey Smith we all know as he gets a majority of his work in on the weekend practices. Javontez spraggins continues to draw praise and worked with the first team tonight at r guard. This has been the best week of fall camp for Darnell Wright as things start to become more consistent for the sophomore.
Ty Chandler once again worked the majority of the load at tailback with Eric Gray still out. We are told he should be back this week. With him out and Tee Hodge battling a calf injury, Dee Beckwith has been playing some tailback and doesn’t look unnatural at the position.
Malachi Wideman continues to be a consistent performer at wide receiver.
Trevon Flowers has had a really solid fall camp and continues to make plays with an interception on Saturday.

KeShawn Lawrence has been working safety but he has moved over to corner some this week to work depth for what could be a crazy season.

it was another good night for the offensive line. That unit has been depleted at various points in recent weeks and is still figuring out its best lineup, but the group continues to get the job done and did again on Saturday night, taking control of the line of scrimmage for most of the proceedings.
If we were projecting a depth chart together today, we'd probably go with a starting lineup of Jahmir Johnson at left tackle, Trey Smith at left guard, Brandon Kennedy at center, Jerome Carvin at right guard and Darnell Wright at right tackle, but outside of Smith and Kennedy it's hard to say much is truly settled. Cade Mays would start somewhere if eligible and could legitimately start at multiple positions given his versatility. Freshman guard Javontez Spraggins also has had a good preseason and impressed the coaches.
Defensively, Trevon Flowers had an interception on Saturday night and now has a couple of picks in Neyland this preseason. The Vols have plugged the junior into the void left by Nigel Warrior and he's settled in there. The story with him has been injuries but he's ready to put those behind him.
With some solid showings this week, defensive back Key Lawrence looks like another freshman capable of helping the Vols sooner rather than later as we've heard he's had a good preseason
J.T. Shrout strengthened his grip on the backup job with another solid showing on Saturday night, most notably operating well in the hurry-up offense and guiding a touchdown drive in situational work. The fact the third-year sophomore can operate quickly in that kind of scenario shows his growth, because it might not have been possible for him to do so this time a year ago. Shrout has been helped by the hamstring injury slowing Brian Maurer and freshman Harrison Bailey starting late, but his improvement is a much bigger factor than what's gone on for the other quarterbacks.


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Aug 24, 2018
And he can do it.

Told you he'd be everywhere @PulaskiVolFan 👍. WR will eventually be his thing, But the kid is an automatic 3rd down conversion. They'll make it easy for him so he can make plays.
He's going to be the only player we have to make plays from the slot, from outside, on end arounds and 1st downs from the wildcat as well. I agree with you, I think he'll be the most used Fr on the offensive side.

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