Saban's already crying over Bama's permanent SEC opponents

The Alabama, Vanderbilt and South Carolina permanent rivals are now official according to the upcoming Locked On Vols podcast.
“I don’t know about that” is a line from a popular SNL video. I was just saying we might get these 3 opponents - so Saban has no room to be whining…

Saban is an entitled Karen beech who seeks to be the conference commissioner by default. 'Bout time Stanky & Co. do something for the conference instead of just for Alabama. Load him up with real competition, and make the elf really earn those millions.
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Saban is also crying about the speed of play to Sports Illustrated. He said in an interview there needs to be a rule change to slow down these high-speed offenses. He thinks when a high-speed offense makes a first down, the refs should allow the defense time to sub even if the offense doesn't sub. He is saying it is unsafe for his defense if they can't sub on first downs. He also doesn't like it when an offense snaps the ball inside of 7 seconds running off the play clock.
Man, he is just a big whiney azz puzzy if you ask me. How can you cry about a quick snap when you do it all the time on short yardage or goal-line plays? I hope we hang 100 on his butt this year.
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Correct me if I’m wrong, but from the unofficial report that’s getting referenced for all of this (Saban, the SI article, etc), wasn’t it Vanderbilt and South Carolina?
I posted this before the unofficial list came out. Still trying to figure how South Carolina versus Tennessee makes more sense than Tennessee vs UK or UGA versus South Carolina.
If Saban is whining it will change to benefit him in one way or the other.
No Kentucky? Seems weird they would choose usc jr over them
I agree, I remember the beer barrel days, both teams are comparable strength wise, odd to me we didn't get Ky. Of course we never get the Ky when it comes to the SEC .
We're over that bump in the road and I'm 99% sure we'll put a stake in their hearts next Fall in their own backyard.

Saban isn't our kryptonite. Our focus should be on that other team and until it is we'll stay in 2nd place.
What blows my mind about his complaining is that he already plays all 3 of those teams every year anyways. It's just a ridiculous thing to be upset over.
He’d be complaining if he was playing his local middle school team.
guess he wanted Vandy, Mizzu, and Ky
Sure he did. He is an average coach who has had the best players money could buy. Portal, NIL, and now sped up offenses causing this dinosaur problems. Tennessee wore he and his team out last year. The supposed defensive guru tried everything. He and his domestic swinging wr got scared.
This is why expansion sucks. Who hasn’t looked forward to the Bama, Florida and UGA games every year? Those games were the measuring stick of where we are. UK and Vandy bring no excitement or anticipation to our schedule. Not to mention respect.
We'll still play another 6 SEC games. Theoretically, those six could be OU, TX, TA&M, LSU, UF, UGA. How brutal would that be?

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