???s about Open Practice @ TBA, 10/25



Feb 16, 2008
Had a wonderful experience at my first LV game last season, and would like to take my elderly parents to the open practice Saturday, scheduled from 1-3pm.

I need your insight on practical logistics: how early to arrive, seating areas for open practice, any construction we need to avoid on campus or driving in from Chattanooga, etc.

If you have any suggestions that would help me give my folks a primo experience, lessen their time standing/waiting--yet put them in great seats to watch and listen, etc., I will be most grateful.
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My folks agreed to let me take them when I told them that Pearl's guys will also hold an open practice at 3:30 pm Saturday. Then it suddenly dawned on me that the 7:30pm 'bama game I wanted to get them back home in time to watch on TV --- is at Neyland this year!

What a nimrod! Please advise! Do I want to attempt this? I was thinking free parking at the garage beside TBA for the open practices... but NO WAY this Saturday, am I right?

Please, someone who knows how things were that Saturday of the Florida game, when both basketball teams had open practices... PLEASE ADVISE!

(...before I screw up my inheritance!)
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