Running list of Tennessee targets planned commitment dates

I thought we were interested in Amir Jackson at one point, too? But hell, I'd try to flip Xavier Filsaime, too. Or if we miss out on Cole, maybe one of their LB commits. I'd even look at their other DL. I just want Florida to suck and for us to add insult to injury by flipping some of their guys. It would bring happiness to my heart.
the best thing would be if someone could flip their QB. that would absolutely rip their hearts out. granted they could go portal again, but considering who they drug out of the last one, I wouldn't be too worried.
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I'm going to predict Tennessee finishes with Chris Cole, Danny Okoye, and Kam Mikell, then gets one out of the group of Cai Bates, Amaris Williams, Nasir Smith, Roger Saleapaga, Kam Fountain, and Daniel Hill.
Getting those three plus Amaris Williams would have us at 7th based on last years final results. and that would be a very strong class that addresses our needs. Our biggest need at the moment in my opinion is getting some DT type bodies.
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Cole picked Georgia. Didn't really need another LB IMO, but I would have liked to have had him. Hurts more that he's going to Georgia.
Looking at the 247 rankings, we've dropped from 7 to 9. Oklahoma and Notre Dame both jumped us. Oklahoma off the strength of Okoye committing to them. We need to rebound on the field and find a way to flip some kids.
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No doubt others are talking up the negative in recruiting against us right now. Hope the rest of the season plays out in our favor. We need to hold what we have and flip one or two, preferably an interior d-lineman or two.
I wish there was transparency on NIL deals. I'd love to know what schools are paying for players, and how it compares from school to school. More for curiosity's sake than anything else.
I don't think that Nov 3 commitment date for Kam Mikell is accurate anymore. He's apparently visiting GA now on Nov 4, and Wilfong just said in a video that he expects to announce his commitment by Thanksgiving.
I have no clue who we're even for sure recruiting in this class anymore. I think this staff keeps things quiet.

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