Riggs? Where are you Riggs?



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Oct 22, 2003
Do we see him this week? Or is Fulmer still just teasing us?
I heard that he doesn't go to class and that he is a real problem as far as "conformity" goes....We need help and it starts with getting rid of Jimmy.
I know that was a problem in the past, but I haven't heard anything recently and I don't think Fulmer holds grudges like Majors did. I really don't know what to think about this whole Riggs issue. Maybe we need to start laying some blame on McCorvey. I think he and Stevens may need to be fired.

Go Vols..beat those Bluke Due Devils. Let's see if we can remember how to run up the score because I surely don't want to be hearing about how Duke really is a good team.
"We need help and it starts with getting rid of Jimmy. "

That's exactly right - I have to agree w/ Rheaber on this one. When you have as talented and experienced of an OL as we have, there's absolutely no excuse to not be blowing people off of the line. Our RB's should be able to gain 3-4 yards EVERY DOWN behind those guys, even running like Houston is right now. I can't help but blame the OL coach for at least some of it.

As for Riggs, I think he needs to start taking his education and his role on this football team seriously. I would think that with Houston and Davis' performance over recent weeks, it would be a great time for him to push to be the starter. IF HE TOOK CARE OF THE ACADEMIC SIDE. Since he doesn't, he'll be relegated to 3rd string until there's nobody left ahead of him.
Chatt Times Free Press

Rigg's future uncertain
By Wesley Rucker Correspondent

KNOXVILLE — Gerald Riggs has been frustrated all season, but Tennessee’s sophomore tailback took it one step further Tuesday when he said he didn’t know where he was going to be after this season.
"I always have to look out for what’s in my best interest," said Riggs, a sophomore who graduated from Red Bank High. "And I haven’t made any decision along those lines, yet. I haven’t even really done a whole lot of thinking about where I’m going to be after this season’s over with. But again, I have to do what’s in my best interest. "When the end of the season comes, then I'll start thinking about what's going to be best for Gerald."
Riggs, a former Parade All-American, seemed to be one of the Volunteers’ most talented runners in preseason drills, but has only 11 carries for 48 yards this season.
With starter Cedric Houston injured and backup Jabari Davis winded in the fifth overtime against Alabama last Saturday, the Vols coaches opted for junior Corey Larkins over Riggs.
Larkins carried four times for 44 yards against the Tide.
"Something happened, and they went the direction they wanted to go in," Riggs said of the decision. "You know, that’s just what they wanted to do, and there’s not too much I can say or do about it."
Te nnessee coach Phillip Fulmer has said all season that Riggs needs to address blocking, route running and off-thefield issues before seeing more playing time. Riggs was academically ineligible for last season’s Peach Bowl and has reportedly been late to three of the last four Friday walk-throughs. Riggs contends he has completed the necessary steps to get on the field.
"You know, I’m just going on how coaches react to what I’ve been doing in practice and meetings and stuff," he said. "I think I’m doing what it takes, but for some reason, for one reason or the other, I’m not getting a chance to play. It’s very frustrating, very, very frustrating. But, you’ve just got to keep plugging, and hopefully something will work out."
Riggs insists he is a team player, and says he does not want to be portrayed as "selfish." He celebrated as much as any other Vol on the field after the win at Alabama.
"Just keep your spirits up and keep your focus and encourage other guys that have a chance to do something out there," he said. "Encourage those guys and keep them up and keep their spirits up. Just do everything you can to get noticed and, hopefully, you’ll get your shot."
Riggs said he vented his frustrations to his family and "nobody else."
Fulmer denied specific comments on Riggs, opting to speak of the trio of Davis, Larkins and Riggs. Houston’s sprained ankle will keep him out of Saturday’s game against Duke, but Riggs said he had "given up" on expecting any carries.
When asked about Riggs, Fulmer replied: "We’re going to play to win the football game, and I feel like, hopefully, that all of those guys will be able to carry the football."
Riggs was unavailable for comment Wednesday. Sports information representatives said he left practice early for class
I think we got a nice glimpse of Riggs tonight on the last TD drive. I actually saw a RB who made some people miss and made the right cuts. To bad it was so late when he got into the game. Jabari did have a few nice runs in the second half.

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