Ref's Whistle Controls Clock



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Nov 15, 2006
When the ref blows his whistle, the clock stops. That's what happened. Play did continue, but the game "stopped" with 0.2 to go. What was heard after the clocked stopped was another ref's whistle.

Sometimes a ref will "puff" his whistle and no sound comes out. He has to blow harder. That could have happened also.
If I'm not mistaken, I believe that the in the major conferences, the game clock automatically stops on the ref's whistle. This is accomplished with some gadget on the ref's person that picks up the whistle and stops the clock, thus taking away the "Home cooking" by the clock operator. I may be misinformed about this, so if anyone has more information please feel free to correct me.
Mike Constable, owner/inventor of the Precision Time System used during the game called BS on that explanation. According to him, the ref's whistles are wirelessly connected to the time clock but the timekeeper also has the ability to stop and start the clock. Everything Jersey

If all conferences were to upgrade their equipment, a repeat is less likely to happen: Everything Jersey

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