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Dec 7, 2017
Zags don't deserve a #1, soft schedule and losing their weak tournament championship game. But I bet they get it.

ACC winner obviously gets it, unless it's not one of the top 3 (FSU can play spoiler).

And if UK or UT wins the SEC that'll be a 1 seed

Then that 4th one will bring up debate...figure if UM or MSU win their tournament they could snag it... especially if VA wins the ACC.

We have at worse a 2 seed I believe.


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Nov 14, 2012
Knoxville Rated as 2nd-Best Market for College Basketball in '18-'19 | RTI

“Tennessee is more than just a football school, and that’s never been more evident than this basketball season.

According to numbers released from ESPN, Knoxville was the second-best market for college basketball in both men’s and women’s hoops for the 2018-19 regular season. Louisville by far led the way with a 4.2 rating for the season on the men’s side, but Knoxville came in second place with a 2.9 rating, beating out Raleigh-Durham (2.8) and Greensboro-High Point (2.7) in North Carolina.

Tennessee’s men’s team this season enjoyed one of the best regular seasons in school history. The Vols soared to No. 1 in the AP Poll and stayed there for four-straight weeks, and UT won a program record 19-straight games at one point in the season. This year’s team won 27 games in the regular season, the second-most wins in the regular season in school history.

Even with the Lady Vols struggling this season, Vol fans still viewed their games almost more than any other market.

Only the Hartford & New Haven market (1.2) in Connecticut beat out the Knoxville market (0.9) in women’s basketball this season. That’s even after the Lady Vols stumbled to an 18-11 regular season record, one of their worst regular seasons in Lady Vols’ history.”
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