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Dec 7, 2017
I mean, we can all wear the orange tinted glasses I guess.

But we're in a terrible spot, coming off a 3-7 season, NCAA punishment pending, basically a week before NSD, just fired a HC and AD for the 2nd time in 3 years in the same off-season...maybe if we had lost Pruitt after 8-5 to him taking a different job or something we'd be in a different position.

Even with all that said, Heupel is still a solid hire, is he the "blow up social media" hire that Freeze or Kiffin would be? No, he's not. Is he a "big fish" hire that Herman, Gus, Franklin, Campbell, or Fickell would be? Nope. What he appears to be though is someone who knows how to coach, knows how to score points and has been successful at every stop he's been at.

Plus there isn't any bad press on the dude that I can find.

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Jul 6, 2019
So let me get this straight... We extended Pruitt in a covid year and by the end of that same year shot ourselves in the foot by tattling on ourselves just so we could save money by firing Pruitt for cause just to use that money we saved for a home run hire. We overpay for a topnotch AD to come in and fix our idiocy but because we shot ourselves in the foot with a 12 gauge, every good hire sees us as a crippled program and doesn't want to come so we settle on yet another bargain bin hire.


Our administration is Dog Ass and they are the only ones to blame for this mess.


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Jul 23, 2015
I said this earlier but ill say it again, there’s a reason we’re not talking to Sexton’s clients. I believe that reason is because the violations aren’t as bad as expected and they would have to dilvulge that information to the clients and sexton.
Uhm....what? Why would we NOT want clients to know the sanctions aren't that bad? The whole narrative right now is no one wants to come here because of the NCAA. It would make zero sense to hide that and affect the quality of coach willing to accept the job.
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