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Jan 22, 2009
Josh Dobbs was on my honeymoon cruise. We had a stop at a private island in the Bahammas. I was snorkeling in the shallows when I came up on a foot right in front of me. I looked up and realized it was Dobbs. I stood up and shook his hand. Then we stood there and talked for a couple minutes about all the different types of fish we had seen. Super cool kid.


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Jan 21, 2012
Not very random, but I was in the same backfield with Larry Sievers in middle school-- he was the QB, I was the wingback. One time coach asked Larry to line up at split-end and run a fly pattern, and the strongest guy on the team, an OL, took the snap, and threw it as far as he could, and Larry laid out and made an unbelievable catch-- you could tell from that one play he would be great.

More randomly, was when I met Ernie Grunfeld. I was playing tennis at the Varsity courts and all the courts were full, and Ernie walked up with his BB buddy, Finestein?, and asked if we would play some doubles. We did, and he wasn't a bad player, but he looked HUGE on the tennis court!
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Dec 30, 2017
I got three.... oops make that four.

In the mid 60's I was on a church league softball team with Dewey Warren.... well, I was younger, and signed a contract to serve as forfeit insurance for my Dad's team in a ten man mandatory league. I think this was the summer before his senior year.

Nearly a decade later I returned home from Belmont, went to roam the strip and was introduced to Condredge Hollaway by Tim Townes who I graduated with at Bearden, somewhere close to 21st and Cumberland.

Most recently I was eating at Wright's Cafeteria and went over to speak to our HS FB coach and my history teacher Jim Smelcher who introduced me to his old teammate and Vol legend Buddy Cruze. Sadly. within a few weeks we lost Buddy.

I almost forgot the night before his last ballgame in Stokely, Tom Boerwinkle was at my house in Deane Hill as part of a four person team project meeting for a health class he had with my sister. He trilled this kid by shooting a few shots before he left on my goal in the driveway. He did so in his custom ordered Bass Weejuns. He was sliding all over my asphalt driveway. I actually had a couple of neighbors there to witness my good fortune. He was a good natured guy for sure.....

I will not count talking to Jim Bob Cooter when he returned to see a Lincoln County football game during an off week his senior year at UT. Actually he was spending time with my wife who taught him there. But he did politely field a couple of fan like questions from me.
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Dec 12, 2018
met Eric Berry at Tin Roof back in 2012. I was the first one to ask for a picture, as others were respecting his privacy. I've never seen a famous person happier to take a picture with a fan. Then everyone started asking him for a picture, and he was really enjoying it. A great experience- I am really glad that he was a great person and not a jackass.

Met Tyler Bray and Hurd a few times on campus, and they were both complete assholes. Hurd was in high school when I first met him, and an *******.


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Nov 4, 2005
Not a Vol, but Vol related I guess...
Met Steve Spurrier in the airport in Cincinnati back in 1995 and actually rode next to him on the plane from Cincy to Louisville.

He never said, but I think he was recruiting Jeff Brohm at the time.

Whole time he kept looking at my bright orange ball cap 😂🤣😂

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