Pruitt Press Conference: Spring practice #3



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Oct 2, 2015
Yes, obviously he is still on scholarship, and if he stops playing football, he would still be on scholarship, non football, where he wouldn't count against the 85 as he currently does. Which, if he unable to fulfill his "obligation" to the university, he should be removed from and placed into. If he decides to coach, train, whatever as a career, he can still do that without counting against the 85.

He's a great, or was, player. If he is able to return, awesome. If, as probable, he isn't. I'd rather Pruitt go get another 4/5 star to take his place so we can get an on field contributor, or at least, practice players for others to train against.
Maybe you're right. And, maybe this topic hasn't been discussed by Trey Smith and CJP. But, I doubt it.

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