Prep Hoops Trick Shot Challenge



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Jul 8, 2010
For those that have Instagram, Prep Hoops is having a Trick Shot Challenge. It started with 64 contestants. It is down to 16. My daughter is one of two girls left. Visually I think my daughter is the youngest also as she is 11 and everyone looks older. If anyone feels compelled to, please go to Instagram, go to prephoopsdotcom, click on their name to see their “story.” Arrow over until you see Rylie Hurst versus her opponent. If you could vote for her it would be appreciated. I am not sure if the voting starts today at 7 or tomorrow at 7. It depends on if they break up the regions again since it’s only down to 16 people. She is obviously doing her trick with two Lady Vols basketballs from their camps. They have to do a different trick in every round. She did this one because of the HORSE competition a few weeks back when Chauncey said Rasheed use to do this all the time. Her Instagram is rylie_hurst33. We also have a Lady Vols/Vols shooting machine where you can see her putting up shots and representing the brand on Twitter @ryliehurst She has a lot of Vols players who follow her! Thank you!

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