Prediction: How does 2024 Tennessee fare

12-0 until we are not!

If not, then 10-2 with losses to UGA and OK or Bama. We should be favored in the rest of the games.
I think this will be a year to remember with great success. Unfortunately, I also think it may be the last we play as an sec team.
Floor is 8-4 (losses to OK, FL, Bama, UGA).

Ceiling 10-2 . . . If we can beat OK and FL.

Most likely 9-3. UT usually finds a way to lose to an opponent like Arkansas . . . So we could end up 9-3 even if we beat OK and FL.
9-3 ceiling
8-4 floor
It all depends on that Oklahoma game. If we win at their place, we might actually win 10 games
We beat Florida in 22 . It should’ve been by 3 scores or more, but we took our foot off the gas. What curse are you guys talking about ?
LOL what? We've won twice in like 15 years. There is definitely a curse.

Edit. We've won 8 times since 1990. That's 8-26. That's a curse

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