Preason Idle Time Nearly Over



It requires wisdom to understand wisdom
May 12, 2010
The tractor rig remained where it was parked sometime around 8:45PM on November 24, 2018. Parked and forgotten it seemed, the engine left running. Some kind soul repeatedly refilled the vehicle with prime diesel each month. I guess assuming the driver, owner, someone at least meant to return for the truck eventually. So, as usual, today, it sat idling. The engine grumbling. Sometimes mumbling to itself. Once in a while, some chattering noise emitted. Other times it appeared to cough. And so, it idled, the tempo now and then increasing as if it wanted to get underway.

Off in the distance, still miles away but not too many miles, a figure appeared. The wind whispered, Pruitt, Pruitt, Pruitt. The truck’s mumbling and grumbling seemed to increase its tempo. As if it recognized its driver was returning to hit the road again. Indeed, the time for it to rumble down the SEC Freeway and NCAA backroads had returned. It idled, awaiting the driver to put it in gear, floor the accelerator and pull out. That time was edging ever closer. Orange Thunder, that was its name, rumbled, mumbled, groaned, and coughed. But now it had a tone of defiance with a touch of vengeance. The driver finally arrived and did a walkaround inspection of the truck, making sure all was well and roadworthy. Orange Thunder trembled with excitement and the deep-throated, gruff, and growling noises it made somehow sounded like, “Soon. Soon. Soon.”

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