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Rufus X. Sarsaparilli
Dec 11, 2009
All "major" polls are in already.
Sorry about the mistake with D1.
At least 9 SEC teams in every poll with a 10th in the NCBWA
I still think the LSU ranking is based on potential. I know they had a phenomenal transfer class but think the LSU coach would rather see their guys start a little lower.
Florida has played the best so far. They would be my number 1. If they sweep Miami and Fla State, I'm not sure how they can't be #1 with LSU not playing the toughest schedule so far and got shelled by a well-dressed Iowa team in last game. Does this show a starting pitcher depth issued?
I see a lot of "hope" in the national media for Wake Forest to break up the recent SEC monopoly
Grand Canyon moved into top-30 of one poll and remains the only ranked team the Vols have played.
I think Virginia Tech will be a bit of a darling this season. Very energetic squad with swagger.
Texas A&M had a very bad weekend and fell accordingly.

by the way. The NCBWA home pages has the Vol rotation prominently displayed

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