Pick the Winners Thur 1/6 Women SEC Games



StlLVF Saw first game in 1976
Sep 23, 2013
Important games early in the season and perhaps Vandy and Ole Miss will get to play their first SEC games. HOME TEAMS IN CAPS
  • Texas AM
  • Georgia
  • Miss ST
  • Auburn
  • South Carolina
  • Arkansas
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Aug 11, 2012
Coming off a five for five after a 1 and 2 the first games looks like at the moment we have a full slate of games. Good news is that most of the scientist and others are saying omicron should hit it's peak by January 10th and then start a downward trend. Also saying that Omicron is a lot less virulent than any of the former variants and getting it makes you almost immune to the others. If all this turns out to be true looks like Omicron is going to be a huge factor in getting this virus under control and manageable.

My picks

Ole Miss over Florida
Tennessee over Texas A&M
Kentucky over Georgia
Missouri over Auburn
LSU over South Carolina
Alabama over Miss St
Vanderbilt over Arkansas


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Feb 23, 2018
Florida over Ole Miss

Florida has been playing well and has better scorers on the perimeter IMO. Toonders can stick with Austin I believe. Florida was considerably worse last season but beat Ole Miss 78-68 on the road. UF won only 12 game last season they have won 10 already this year. Their interim coach is making a case for the full time job IMO

Tennessee over TAMU

TAMU has been really hot and cold. Some of the drama surrounding Blair affected a couple of their games I think. That TCU loss was around the time that became public. I do wonder if it’s not a bit of a Pat situation but I will not speculate any further there. TAMU has some guards who can really shoot it but they cannot match us inside or on the glass. Something very new for them after about a decade or really strong rebounding. Our 3 point defense has been better than it seems. Teams are being forced into a ton of 3s against use but are not hitting a good percentage. Should work in our favor.

UK over UGA (unless Staiti plays)

If Staiti is out I think UK will win this game at home. Still don’t think UGA is very well coached. They benefitted heavily last season from a veteran backcourt. Still think they miss their PG play a lot more than its shown this season. That NC State win was big for them but I thought it was more due to NC State playing terrible defense rather than UGA playing well.

UK is the biggest mystery to me. I haven’t caught many of their games this season. They have zero point guard play (sorry Jazz, still think you’re 3/4 player). Any team with a quality big is a nightmare for Kentucky. So if Staiti plays I think UGA wins. Kentucky lost by 20 to both DePaul and Indiana. Had a close game with Louisville but that’s a lot like MIZZOU/SC. It’s harder to predict those rivalry games.

Auburn over MIZZOU

Auburn has been on the cusp and is playing better. I suspect MIZZOU lays several eggs in a row here after beating SC. I could be wrong but I truly don’t think they’re that good. Betting Auburn turns them over a bunch and guards the 3 much better than SC did.

LSU over SC

LSU is already playing like Kim’s teams at Baylor. The defense was already there and now she’s turned that defense into points. I believe South Carolina has an over inflated ego where LSU is playing with a chip on their shoulder. If South Carolina doesn’t show up until the second half as they are prone to doing this could be a 15 points loss for them.

Bama over MSST

MSST still has some talented players on their roster but Alabama is well coached. Kristy has her issues but her teams compete. She was really frustrated with her team against us. We are hard to play this season though. Abrams had some teeth knocked loose on that play she fouled Walker going to the hoop. She was a little off against Auburn, bet she’ll be back on track against MSST.

Arkansas over Vandy

Vandy is more competitive but just don’t think they have the athletes to really compete this season. Vandy is a much more favorable matchup for Arkansas. They’ll actually get some paint scoring and that’s likely to open things up outside for them. Vandy has to rely on their guards to rebound which isn’t gonna cut it in SEC play. Ralph doesn’t get that yet, but you aren’t going to be able to max out at 6’1” and win games in the SEC like UCONN could in the American.
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