*****Pick the Score Contest: Florida


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Jul 7, 2019
When I see all this "confidence" in a Vols' win it just reminds me of the 1990 Alabama game. We had a vastly more talented team than they did. Excellent defense, great OL and multiple pros at rb and wr. We were such a lock that on Friday afternoon one of the rock radio stations in Knoxville played Rocky Top on a continuous loop for 4 hours solid.

Majors and his OC came out with a game plan from the 50's. No downfield passes at all. All runs and quick screens to the WRs. With time running out and the game tied 6-6 we try a 50 yard FG which was blocked. The ball rebounded 30-40 yards back toward our goal line (I have never in my life seen a blocked kick roll so far), Bama takes possession and immediately kicks the FG and they win 9-6. Worst game I ever attended. (One drunk rode around on the top of G-10 in a convertible for 30 minutes just yelling over and over "Fire Majors!")

With that in mind, and in light of all of this confidence, (and I really hope I am wrong) UF 35, UT 31.

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