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Oct 30, 2019
So playing him, i.e. letting him gain experience, is akin to risking his future. Heck, just sit all freshmen and sophs, why risk anyone's future by letting them play some football.
This is a disengenuous post, and makes zero attempt to get at the careful point the OP was obviously trying to make.

Kinda nice to see a new take on the situation, do we really need to immediately reduce it to the absurd?
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Woodlawn VOL

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Jun 8, 2018
I went to high school with a guy that played basketball and football and could have played baseball. He was a great athlete and could ball out in practice or in a rec center. He used to be the man in backyard football in his neighborhood. But when the lights came on and the crowds came in he stuggled. He would missed wildly on shots and made a ton of mistakes. He couldn't catch the football under the lights in front of crowds to save his life. It was truly sad, people used to say I don't know what happens he just can't play in front of crowds. I don't know if that is Joe's problem or not, but I have witnessed what should have been a all district and maybe all region player stuggle to see the floor and gridiron because when the lights came on he just panicked. GBO

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