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Feb 23, 2018
I agree; and she emphasized that's where she belongs when visiting Oregon State. Too many young 6'4"+ players seem to think they belong outside when they simply do not have the mobility to do so. It's as if recognizing that you are really a 4 or a 5 is somehow to admit that you're not all that skilled. There are, of course, a few players at 6'4" or so who are legit 3's--Satou Sabally at Oregon, for example--but they imo few and far between.
Agreed, these bigger girls in the US are not being developed like the Europeans and Aussies. I think these younger players are seeing those women and want to play like that, but the skill level and mobility are not the same.

The only 6’4”+ 3 players that I feel actually make sense are Sabally, like you said, and Smith from Stanford. With their new offense they are really a positionless team though 1-5 can step out and knock it down.

Jonquel Jones who is in the WNBA, Elena Delle Donne and Candace, the OG point/forward in women’s ball, are the others that come to mind. Like you said, few and far between.
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