Official Nashville Predators Thread


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Aug 28, 2006
I really hope Forsberg gets in the ASG. I just think he would put on a heck of a show on that kind of stage.
As good as he has been the last few years, do you ever get the impression there is still some untapped offensive potential there? I really think there's a 40 goal and/or 100-point season in him. Offensively, he appears way too talented to max out at 63, 64 points. I know last year was injury-shortened and scored at a pace that would've given him 78 points in an 82-game season, but I think he's capable of more than that.

I know that's never been the Predators' M.O. to have more wide open offensive players like that, and the Preds are so deep that they don't need him to score 100 or even 80 points, but the guy is really talented.

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