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Tonight is why boxing is dying. Rounds 1-8 are either or with Haney I believe clearly winning rounds 3 and 7. Rounds 9, 10, & 11 were clearly won by loma, and were the most dominating rounds of the fight.
Round 12 is an either or round.

Then you have judges scoring 8 to 4 Haney is unacceptable and why the judges need to be fired immediately after a scoring like this one. And to be clear an 8-4 scoring for loma would be unacceptable as well.

Call it a draw or 7-5, but for two judges to go 8-4 is terrible and another black eye on the sport.(I thought it was two)
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I just put $50 for Spence to win by KO/TKO/DQ to win $325. I think it will be a a great fight, but Spence imposes his will in the championship rounds. Bud goes "Thud" in the 11th
It's been a while, since I've been this hyped about a fight. I really think Spence/Crawford is going to be an all-time classic. Obviously, I'm a huge Spence fan, but I have mad respect for Bud and I think they both bring it, Saturday night. Can't wait
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I'm watching one of the best boxing matches I've seen in many years tonight. Navarrete vs. Valdez on ESPN out of Glendale, AZ. Two Mexican fighters. 37-1 vs. 33-1 for the Jr. Lightweight Championship.
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