Next game (Links): NCAAT - Sunday 3/31/2024 (2:20pm CBS) Purdue

Hate that idea, if both pick up quick fouls you’re F’d…JJJ just needs to be stronger against their 4’s, I’m not too worried about Aidoo and Awaka taking turns holding their own at the 5.

If Aidoo and Awaka both get into foul trouble, I think Phillips could get a few minutes of playing time to spell Estrella since Kentucky has three 7 footers.
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Is Kentucky the 2nd best team in the conference now? I think so. Loads of talent and depth, and they are
playing well. They are going to be tough tomorrow. Hope we can play well--forget about the fact that we've
already won the conference--and go out on a high note. It's a big game if we want to grab a 1 seed--and
we do.
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