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Jan 25, 2010
Well, if it's true that they're paying him 450,000 that offsets his 2.5 per year from Auburn, at least we're not stealing money like Bama/Butch did.
I think they just wanted to lock him up while he was available, and what he does going forward is to be determined.
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Apr 8, 2012
A perspective: Coach Steele is getting several million dollars from Auburn for nothing over the next couple of years. He has no reason to want to be a position coach at Tennessee. Reasonably, he wouldn't take this job unless there was the promise of more. He would simply take a DC job at a different school or take another run at becoming a head coach at a small school.

So, why would it make sense for him to take this? Speculate at will.
After reading quite a few threads the past couple of days there's nothing displaying itself other than pure speculation. I don't think I've read one factual statement pertaning to this so-called investigation yet. I do think we will lose the services of coach Neidemeyer for at least a year and it just makes good sense to hire Steele at a discounted rate especially if we can get coach Garner here too to coach DLine. That will leave one/two? coaching positions vacant........OLine and ILBers, which Steele could coach.

With that in mind UT needs to try like hell to keep that covid bug away from the team so it can have a good spring practice this year. That's the one thing that has hurt this team more than anything, imo..........lack of practice and development. Also need a top of the line S/C coach because our lines looked weak this past year.

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