NCAA Tourney Ultimate Survivor Elimination Mayhem


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Oct 31, 2012
Step into the "Aerie-na," if you dare.

This is an elimination competition lasting the entire duration of the NCAA National Baseball Tourney. This will be similar to the competition we all failed out of for the SEC tourney.

Rules have been changed this year as compared to the competition I hosted last year, so pay close attention.

1. You get to pick a team only once for the entire duration of the tourney.

Tl;dr for those who just want to play and play right now: Pick a team to win their Friday game. Know you can never pick them again.

2. Incorrectly pick and you're toasty. See ya next year.
To survive the distance, you'll have to make 9 consecutive correct picks.

CHANGE>>>>> 3. You may only pick from the winner's bracket. Period. Teams that advance thru the loser's bracket to face off for the regional championship are then back in the winner's bracket and may be picked.

It occurred to me that on Day 2 of the CWS there will only be two winner's bracket games. That is too much of a constraint. On Day 2 of the CWS you may choose a winner for either the winner's or loser's bracket.

4. You must make one pick per round. Regionals have three rounds, Day 1, Day 2 winner's bracket, and the Finals (picking the regional winner, not a game 1 or 2 result between the last two teams.) Supers have two rounds, Day 1, and the Day 2/3 Super winner (not just a win on day 2 or day 3, you're picking the winner of a super.) Round one of the CWS will mirror the Regional rules, so you'll have to make Day 1, Day 2, and the Winner picks. For the CWS Finals, you'll simply pick the National Champion as your ninth and final pick (matters not if they win 2-0 or 2-1 in any fashion.)

5. Don't pick a team whose game has already started.

Good luck in the Aerie-na, survivors!

Lemme know if any additional clarification is needed.

Meanwhile, pick someone who's gonna win Friday.

The Aerie Crew
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Do I get the 2 strike rule if I pick this team and they lose? I will pick them again on Saturday. Wake Forest because they will save Chase.

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