‘23 NC QB Tad Hudson



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Nov 30, 2010
After hearing from Tennessee’s coaches over the past several months, Tad Hudson was already hoping to attend one of the Vols’ home games this season, even before he talked with Tennessee running backs coach Jay Graham on Thursday. Now that he has a scholarship offer from the Vols, he definitely plans to make the trip.
“The Tennessee coach, Coach Graham, had a lot of good things to say,” Hudson said. “It was pretty extraordinary. It was awesome. That was pretty cool.”
“I really like the coaches,” he said. “They’re really good people. Coach Graham was just a good guy to talk to, and I love Coach Weinke. I was actually a huge fan of him. My dad was a huge fan of Coach Weinke when he played, so it was pretty cool talking to both of them.
“They liked how I stayed in the pocket well, and they thought I threw the ball pretty good for a freshman, had a strong arm and had a quick release,” Hudson said. “(They) just like me as a pocket passer, I would say — good arm.
“I can move if the pocket breaks down. But if there’s a pocket, I’m going to stay in there and sling it. I’m not going to force going outside the pocket. I’m going to stay poised in the pocket and just deliver it to my guys.”
“I mean, I’d love to throw it 50 times a game. But if I can go there and play my freshman year, I’ll be there.”

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