'21 NC DT Payton Page (Clemson commit)


Sep 7, 2011
“Tracy Rocker is a real OG of the game,” Page said. “He has a lot of experience and worked in the NFL. I feel like I can really learn a lot from him.” The Tennessee defensive line coach, along with head coach Jeremy Pruitt are staying active in communication with the defensive line prospect. “Coach Pruitt is a real good guy,” Page said. “I mess with him and I’m cool with him. I talk to both of those guys about every other week.” Page, who has nearly 40 offers, believes in good play up front on defense. “The programs in my top-five have excellent legacies, as far as the d-line in concerned,” Page said. “They have great education systems too.”
Page visited The Hill once for a 2019 spring practice and plans to use one of his official visits for a Neyland Stadium experience next season. “The fans are crazy and that’s a good thing,” the four-star said. “I can’t wait to get up there and see a game on an official visit. “They did pretty good this season. They were an underdog, and no one expected them to turn things around. They all showed out.” “I want to come in, wherever I go, and make an immediate impact. Tennessee said I can do that,” Page said. “But I also look at how each coaching staff treats the third-stringers compared to the first-stringers. I want them to treat me and my family the same when I get there.”
Page said he has some work to do in the offseason. “I’m not really planning on going to a lot of camps. I’m primarily going to be working on my quickness, agility and speed off the ball.” The Greensboro, N.C. product plans to cut his list down from five to one and announce a commitment sometime before his senior season, near the end of summer. Page said he isn't sure if he will sign in the early singing period or wait until February.


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Feb 1, 2016
"But I also look at how each coaching staff treats the third-stringers compared to the first-stringers."

Pruitt always preaches equal reps and develop everybody. Bodes well for us.
That quote jumped out to me, too. Kid's got some perspective beyond his age, especially for a guy that would seemingly benefit from preferential treatment.


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Aug 1, 2018
He has also commented before on how the Vols treat the 3rd stringers like the 1st stringers; it impressed him.
Imo it’s surprising they don’t see that more often. How else can you create quality depth. Glad to hear our coaches know what they’re doing. That’s a big change over the last few we’ve had.


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Jan 25, 2005
Sorry for putting this here, but @griddie what is your opinion on Travali Price? (If you’ve already said I’m sorry)

Is it going to be a UNC vs. UT battle?
Sorry brother I just saw this. I think the Vols chances are really really good for Price especially given where he’s located in the state. He’s really helped turn around a traditionally weak program. He has a lot of potential, a good frame, fits our scheme, is explosive off the ball, and really has a big big motor and plays with a lot of fire and passion. I would be ecstatic if we pulled Price and Page. And that’s an understatement
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