Nat’l Championship Thread

Or you can’t comprehend. Teams that didn’t play tonight had ‘elite recruits.’ Talking all game about where a player was ranked in HS is irrelevant. UConn luck and playing home games ran out. UCF should’ve beat them.

Like I said, HS rankings don’t mean nothing.

I'd agree if we were in the men's forum -- but these girls... I swear there is maybe like 1 or 2 true BALLERs MAYBE each year!
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When they played back in December Stanford only lost to South Carolina by 4 at South I said the only team with a shot to beat USC was Stanford

Lol, cancel next season for everyone but S.Carolina & Stanford. The team that loss to Missouri and Kentucky in the regular season can only be beaten by one team before the season even starts!
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What a night to have Fudd spending the last 24 hours hurling. I can't imagine how bad she feels. Great game by SC, definitely deserved the win.
Fudd wouldn't have made a difference. She doesn't create as well as Bueckers, and SC played suffocating defense. She wasn't going to get good looks with Beal and Saxton shadowing her, sick or not sick.
I think Notre Dame will be in the mix, too, especially if Maya Dodson gets another year of eligibility. Iowa or Iowa St comes to mind as well.
Are they finally out of Mabreys, or does Dara have another year?

I don't think the Iowa schools are anything better than E8 teams.
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True enough. Still glad ya lost, though! 😁
You and many others. What a game. UConn shot themselves in the foot in the first quarter. Hard to recover from that. Not having a healthy Fudd killed them tonight. What a great advantage for SC. Well...on to next year. As far as Evina, I'd take her back any day. She did anything that was asked of her to help the team succeed. A true team player. Without her, UConn doesn't make it to this game. UConn storms back with back-to-back 3-pointers - ESPN Video via @ESPN App
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