'25 MS QB Deuce Knight


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Jan 30, 2013
So you’re that guy that seemingly talks to himself and laughs uncontrollably. Glad I trigger it in you. Kids say a lot of things in their recruitments. When it’s time to be a face of the program QB in a class, it’s extremely rare TWO sign on. FACTS are what HAPPENS…not what one THINKS. When I paid VQ, AP and I were on the opposite side of a lot of predictions with our OPINIONS. I surprisingly was on the right side of some. Same with Hubbs. AP didn’t think we’d hire Pope and Hubbs thought we’d pay Tee Martin because of some verbal agreement that Fulmer gave him…even tho he’d been hired by the Ravens. Pause for laughter.
Trigger me? Again I laugh at you. Never change man. AP has been right way more often than not. You can disagree all you want but you would be wrong.


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Apr 7, 2007
Well apparently some speak of his attributes as if they know.
I spoke of his athleticism. Because the film and every scouting report says he’s very athletic at QB.

This is a recruiting board. If you want to discuss only how a player is once he’s in college, there are other places for that. Your comment, given the context, is bizarre. Given your logic, there is no way to know how good a kid will be in college and coaches should just wait and see how they are in college before recruiting anybody.

Watch his film. If you don’t see athleticism there, you probably don’t need to be discussing football.
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