Most Wins As Head Coach At Tennessee



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Oct 13, 2007
He's a pretty young 64...seems age, if guys are in shape and into coaching, isn't a real issue any more. He's 5 years younger than Roy Williams...looks more than that, and Coach K 73, and Saban 68. If you'd have told me when Barnes started that we'd get more than 5, I'd have been kinda surprised...thinking he got a "coast to retirement" deal...but he's clearly got the energy and things going in the direction to keep after it, and if he passes Mears, he'll have put us into a longer term upper tier bball school for "the next guy".
Great post.
I'm pretty intolerant of mediocrity, but this is silly. If he is averaging 20 wins or better and beating Kentucky once a year, he can stay as long as he wants. We will mourn his March failures but enjoy the heck out of December- February.
Every program in the country has March failures, except for one.

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