‘23 MO EDGE Samuel M’Pemba (UGA commit)


Of course I can help you, Coach Heupel.
Oct 10, 2014
Ya'll are so silly.

I just spent 5 minutes trying to find the video. my YouTube is on autoplay and it was some video that came out TODAY (8-13-2022) that Simmons was talking to someone via face time.
SImmons was talking about Tate and M'Pemba being there this weekend. And he said people thought he was a Georgia lock, but that now he thinks the Vols hold an edge...

sorry I can't find it. I don't sit down and watch TV, unless its a show or college football game.
So I didn't "Like" it or anything like that that would help me remember the title.

There's like 50 "Bama vs UT" videos about the game this weekend.

Sorry to get you all riled up with no proof...

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