MLB Playoff Contest Pick Em (WILDCARD ROUND)

Pick your winner of each series

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Nov 29, 2011
There seemed to be interest to do this, so here's the rules:
Round 1 is the wildcard round

It's simple, you pick the team in the poll that you think will win the series

You will have enough votes that will allow you to pick a winner of each series

If you comment a team, it will not count, you must vote in poll above

If you pick correctly, you will score 10 points

You cannot change your vote once you select, so be careful

After this, we'll move on to the Division Series Round and continue on

Winner will receive a Tennessee themed gift, Best of luck

Wildcard round voting cuts off tomorrow at NOON!

Mets vs Padres

Cardinals vs Phillies

Guardians vs Rays

Blue Jays vs Mariners

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