Milton shines against a high school team (Vandy)....can't compete with the better teams in the SEC. Why?

Where's your complaints about no RB being able to break 100 yards against said "high school team"? The same RBs that, aside from 1 what turned out to be fluke play, couldn't break 25 yards against the better teams?
Speaking of RBs, I didn’t get to watch the whole game but I did see the stats. Did Wright get injured?
This is why I am disappointed with our fellow fans. Despite everything, I don’t think anyone can legitimately question whether Joe Milton “gave his all for Tennessee” every day he was in the program. By all accounts, he is a great teammate and leader. And you saw both on display when he congratulated Moore for getting to play. But, more importantly, you saw Nico follow Joe’s lead and do the same. That is the type of thing that will help the program moving forward.

Plus, the Legions of the Miserable are acting like 8-4 is 4-8. It’s not!
I sure hope the cameras showed Joe and he applause he gave Nico when he entered the game.
Maybe someone can help me out here. But out of these QBs, how many had 6 overall TDs in a game?

Tee Martin
Tyler Bray
Josh Dobbs
Hendon Hooker
Joe Milton
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Milton isn’t a good QB. But what’s worse: he’s not right.

This offensive system is not easy to run or even get right. It is about very specific timing; very quick reads; very finessed throws; very quick decisions to scramble.

And Milton wasn’t right for it. But, no, you can’t just “put Nico in,” and to think so is grossly oversimplifying the time and work it takes to operate this offensive system effectively. Like it or not, yes, Joe was the best option, even given his ceiling. You either think that, or you think that Heupel and the staff were deliberately trying to lose games by keeping him in. Ask yourself what makes more sense.

Before you say “Heupel chose Milton in 2021 when we had Hooker blah blah blah” yeah, I’ve heard it all before. He made a decision based on what had been made available to him. Who knows how long that experiment would have lasted? Regardless, Hooker got the job and it’s now a non-issue.

Nico had all season to practice. He had all season to learn. To watch film. To study the playbook. To work out. To get comfortable. He saw game time and may see more in the bowl game. That is what is best for freshman. I’m excited to see what he can do.
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It's really simple. He's just not any good. Often times people like to over analyze things like this when the answer is very simple. After 6 years, the guy literally didn't improve AT ALL. He lost his starting job at two different schools. His physical ability just doesn't translate for him, & it never will bc he's simply not a good football player. Now, hopefully I never have to see or talk about him again.
Glad to see him end his career on a high note. Through ups and downs, he’s been there for his teammates.
Yep, I thought he had an amazing performance yesterday. His career is over at UT except for the bowl game. He for sure is a VFL and has contributed much more to UT Football than most any of us posting on this site. I am sure we all wish him the very best in the future! The End.
I appreciate Joe. I knew going into this season what he was. I didn’t let the strong arm cloud my vision and fully expected this to be a drop off from last year. He filled a seat for a year and was an excellent teammate. He can only play as well as he can and it was good enough for a winning season. Thank you, Joe, for being a true VFL.
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Milton threw a number of beautiful passes yesterday. He/we also seemed to throw more to our TEs than we have all year. He will
certainly get an opportunity with an NFL team--even if undrafted. And he could get drafted based on his massive physical ability alone.
Joe is a great guy and teammate. He deserved that game last night. I hope he does get drafted.

As far as QB okay, completely average.
Nothing between the ears

Milton’s biggest issue is his mental bandwidth. If he has time, or doesn’t feel pressure to perform, he is an absolutely different player. Turns out, that’s what separates good from great.
Mental bandwidth my arse! This is a stupid statement! No quarterback is at his best when a defense is breathing down his neck! Why do you think they do everything possible to put pressure on them?
Mental bandwidth my arse! This is a stupid statement! No quarterback is at his best when a defense is breathing down his neck! Why do you think they do everything possible to put pressure on them?
How much time do you think a QB should have to make a read and throw?

BTW Milton was only sacked 18 times this year, 2nd only to UGA. So please, try again

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