Did you not read where somebody posted that we need to go after him, or are you replying to that lost soul?

I can't believe the NBA would be a possibility for him right now. He either needs a much better jump shot or to get much stronger. Preferably both.

If you are just 6' 2" (I bet he's not even that) and don't run point, it's really hard to make the NBA. It's even harder if you don't play great D. If you're not going to check those boxes, then you need to have game-changing offensive skill. There is some potential there, but he's finished his 3rd year and he's a score-only guy who only scores 15 ppg off average shooting. He finished the season with games of 7, 7, 16, and 9 and shot under 38% in every game.

He needed to be peaking when it counted to get the NBA's attention, not going the other way. It appears he's got a long way to go.
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