LV Softball Series Thread - WCU, Texas A&M


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May 5, 2017
Glad to see the Lady Vols Softball Team celebrate a great moment. Back to back walk-off homeruns. Nothing bigger than a grand slam in sports. Special! However, having said that the pink "Daddy" cap and the fur coat that the men sport after a homerun... dosen't work if you aren't ranked #1 with a record of 33-3 and 14-1 in the SEC. That's called swagger. If you go prepared-to-back-it -up. Hence the drama of the Alabama and Tennessee series this weekend. Intense drama!
Oh yeah I agree for the most part. I don’t care a thing about the daddy cap. I was talking about the emotion and smiles on their faces. It looks like it means a lot to them and they’re having fun!. Let sweep the series tonight!
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