LSU Football - Major Scandal coming?



Dec 12, 2006
Ive always thought that LSU was doing something shady behind closed doors. This is from a former Alumni.

I can tell you LSU's dirty secrets now.

Since Miles... by reputation Saban pretty much kicked off every guy or suspended every single guy who violated rules... we've had at least 2 players who were academically ineligible play in every bowl game Miles has coached... one season it was 6 guys... every last one of them played... How?... Some grades were fixed... **** was conveniently retroactively dropped... There was a tutor scandal where they were some off campus tutors doing papers for some. Ryan Perrilloioux copy and pasted a wiki article for one final paper.

We've had about 7 bar fights covered up. We had a gun drawn that was covered up. And the thing is about these cover ups... is most of the time the guys drop the charges against the players by claiming the day later that that's not what happened... and it all disappears.

There's some super sketchy summer jobs where the guys get paid by mileage or just clocking in.... but that's off campus out of control **** because it's always a player's uncle... or player's uncle's friend... or player's best friend's dad... or player's roommate's mom. A local dealership were basically giving all the student athlete scooters to ride around campus so they didn't have to walk and could park at the door of their classes... Saban put a snuff to it... and made them pay a lease agreement... but when Miles showed up... they were all over the place again.

The players eat and drink for free with most of the major restaurants and bars around campus. Not so much fast food places... but sit down restaurants with alumni owners take care of them.

Hell... my old roommate was academically suspended from school... so wasn't an enrolled student... was still paid and worked football games as a student SID which is a big NCAA no no... travelled with the team on the road and still got a bowl stipend, hotel room, and gift bag. His co-workers dubbed him the walking violation.

Though the worst by far... is Perriloux's involvement with a counterfeit money scandal... the feds never brought charges against him... but apparently that was a favor on behalf of some alumni for the school. All sorts of guys went down for that.

Also Regarding Ryan Perilloux.

It would take him shooting up the school for him to get kicked off the team.

He's been found cheating twice. The fake ID at the casino. The bar fight with the gun. Not reporting to practice or meetings. The counterfeit scandal.

Oh and this is completely under the radar... I forgot about it... but no where here knows where or when and doesn't post on any LSU ****... so I'll let this fly... but... let's just say one of our players lost his temper post-national championship... before school started.... at his hometown gym... went outside and threw a brick through a dude's windshield. That dude as a favor to the player's family... didn't report it. And let's just say that player has little margin for error.
I could be wrong but it sounds like too much to have been missed by the ncaa. Besides we have heard way too many rumors about this coach or that coach, this school or that school to believe much about it.
That's pretty damn bad if all of that is true, it is just hard to believe that the NCAA did miss out on all of those violations, yet they can catch Kelvin Sampson making too many phone calls...
I think its true because of what he said about Miles and Ryan Perilloux.

I'm definitely appalled. I'm definitely concerned, and I definitely wished Les Miles took the Michigan job. I don't like how that guy runs the program. Yeah, there's a lot of talent. But we didn't earn that national title last year. We were better than everyone, but we didn't play like it. We won because other teams messed up worse against worse teams. Leslie doesn't run a straight and narrow ship. He goes through the motions with blinders on. I don't know if he's aware of it. I don't know if he's choosing to let it happen. I just know that our players are running show.

And the other thing that really bothers me... is that he's a former O-lineman... but can't seem to coach O-lineman or recruit them.

Perriloux exists because Miles doesn't have a spine. Most coaches would have kicked him off by now. You add that restaurant incident to the list of **** he's done... he'd been arrested 30 times over in any other city in the US.

Baton Rouge is a football town. Restaurant and bar owners will ignore **** for the sake of the program. Students and fans will ignore **** for the sake of the program. So the only discipline that can exist in Baton Rouge... is from the coaches and the administration. And they're not doing their damn job when it comes to Perriloux. If it were up to me and old school LSU fans... we'd just drop Perriloux... and run Arkansas's Wildhog offense with our running backs and receivers for a year until we can get a recruit in.
well and they suspended almost the entire FSU team for copying in a music test??
Miles does sort of seem like a guy who would let some stuff slide, but there is no way you can validate this person's claims. I have a feeling cheating is probably more rampant in general than we all know any way.
Isn't John Adams a LSU grad
maybe he's turned his attenetion from Fulmer to Miles

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