Lowly Florida

Good thing we got Vandy so we can be bowl eligible and get those extra practices we need ohhhh wait….. we entered the month Bowl eligible for only the second time in 15 yrs guess who has been the head coach both times???? I’ll give a minute so you can research. Y’all talking about accepting mediocrity here’s some more research for you who was the last coach at Tennessee to go to 3 straight bowl games????I wish some of y’all would have just stayed Bama fans …obviously y’all know better Heupel is still learning on the job going from a mid major to the SEC is a daunting task for anyone but y’all want him gone after possibly a 9 win season( you are an IDIOT)
As a season ticket holder I didn't have to research. I think the last coach to go to 3 straight bowl games was Butch Jones???
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