Looks like Jimbo Fisher is out.

What makes you think the AD didn't try to go higher and Kirby said nope? Would you be willing to let him walk over his end of a buyout?

Exactly. KS was the hottest coach on the market when he was hired, and he has done nothing but succeed at the highest level. He is one of a small handful of coaches that can pretty much name the terms of his contract. Very few coaches have that kind of leverage.

On the other side, it's very easy to say what universities ought to do, but every year, there are more schools looking for a "name brand" coach than there are coaches looking to make a move. As long as one school is desperate enough to offer terms that benefit the candidates, all schools have to compete with those terms. And, it's not just the ADs decision. These big schools have boosters with influence, and the booster money will always impact an AD's decisions. If the AD doesn't placate the boosters, the school finds a new AD.

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