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Sep 4, 2012
It seems that this is NOT the year to be a #1 seed. Of course it was the year that we won the SEC and became the #1 seed. Just think if this carries over into the NCAA. I haven't a clue who is the favorite this year. Possible 8 to 10 teams could win the whole thing. It's going to be wild and I hope we can stay in it for several rounds. One thing I have noticed is that the refs are swallowing their whistles and letting the teams really bang on each other on the inside. That's a big change from the regular season and one that I'm not sure we are used to.

Hang on folks. It's gonna get crazy.
As I'm typing this Houston is down 26 with 8 to go. Nearly every assumed "Top" seeded teams are getting curbstomped in their conference tourney's. Maybe the Vols were just fitting in and everyone has a wake up call.
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Has this ever happened before? NC State just beat Carolina and anther one bites the dust. This really is March Maddness.

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