LB Aaron Willis Enters Transfer Portal

Oh ..well ok they the experts .. i recon neither ever played a down of ball ..but guess they measured his heart too ... yea he is short but at LB ..short is not a bad thing can hide behind that front wave and as long as you are aggressive which he is .. you can find some small creases to get in some backfields .. video I saw had him making alot of plays in the backfield .. but im sure there were other things he didnt do well or her would not have been 3rd string ..

Especially given how bad our LBs were last year
Hard to make much out of that video imo. Looks like he was constantly going against the second and third team. Would be interested to see him hold his own against the first team.

Also highlight reels only ever show the good. If he has that reel of good but an accompanying 45 minute reel of goofups then that's not the greatest.

Not saying any of that is the case just can't tell much out of the tweet
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This is an unbelievable mistake by our staff, make no bones about it. This kid is an absolute beast and in limited time on the field has proven his recruiting ranking to be justified IMO. He has sat behind the most incompetent and cowardly linebacker I’ve ever seen put on a Tennessee. Willis recognizes as much and wants to play. Amd he should be playing on this defense.
Shouldn’t this be in blue font?
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Juwan Mitchell being injured made the position group reshuffle. He will be back, knows the system now, and is hungry. I believe the LB spot will be much improved. I am sure we will hear the Can't get worse crowd on this. I suppose we will learn more in a few months. Even in the spring game Willis didn't light it up, and that was with Mitchell at no contact status, and JB was used sparingly.

Mitchell has to prove to me he wants to play. I wasn’t impressed the limited time he played last year.

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